Finding a single die and a small button, I started play. I hit the first two X’s in the game and got bumped back to 5 and 20 respectively. But with continuous rolling, I eventually ended the game on the balloon marked 101. The fortune said I had a good deal of imagination, could be good at a number of things, and had a good sense for how things will map-out in the future. The fault was that I was prone to believe too much of what irresponsible people tell me. Like I said in the lesson on Square of Nine numerology, I plead guilty to having been too gullible in my younger days, and suffered the resultant consequences. Get burned once or thrice, and you gradually learn to be more circumspect. I like to think I’ve made some progress on this score, so maybe my fortune means ‘you may always be struggling with this.’

As I played the game, I realized there’s a real chance of getting hung-up between space number 60 and number 65. The latter number is an ‘X’ space, which means move back five spaces. Move back to 60 though, and it’s a gray space, which means move ahead five spaces—which puts you on 65 again, which means move back five spaces…I think the only way out of this trap is, when you get back to 60, roll the die to determine your next move.