The author stated the game board was laid-out in the shape of an ‘L’, since that is the first letter in the word luck. The first two-thirds of the spaces in the original depiction of the game were terribly slim for occupation by a game piece (see picture of the original above–that’s an 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of paper). While trying to stay true to the original design, I enlarged it and rearranged the spacing so the game spaces were larger. But still, just about the only things you can use for a game piece with this board game are cocktail spears, coffee-stirrers, and very small buttons, about .5 in/1 cm. in diameter. The nice thing about a wooden coffee-stirrer is, you can write each player’s name on their stick, and maybe some key-words from their fortune on it. Just grab several the next time you’re at a coffee shop.

Players move their game pieces forward by the throw of a single die. I recommend having everybody throw the die first to determine the order in which the players will play. Note: the ‘grassy patch’ at the end of the rectangular-box spaces on the game board is not a game space. It’s just there for decoration. You’ll jump from space number 99 to the balloon marked ‘100’ as the next game space. Play continues until everybody lands on one of the seven balloons arrayed at the end.

With all that out of the way, below is the PDF for the game board and the answer key. The game board prints out on four sheets, so it’ll need some careful trimming, piecing-together and taping. Try as I might to expand the size of the game board, there’s still quite a bit of outer white-space, so you might want to trim that down as well.