Never mind June, in the northern hemisphere, August is a big month for weddings. As July is rapidly coming to a close, I thought it would be timely to roll-out this divination tool now. This is a gem I found recently in a book titled ‘Everybody’s Book of Luck’ from the year 1900. Apparently some nameless, long-dead astrologer was asked to look at the astrological aspects prevalent for each day of the year, and come up with some general prognostications regarding the romantic or marital fortunes for persons born each day of the year. The result is this calendar-listing of romantic fortunes.

I was initially going to dismiss it, then I read the prophecy for my own birthday, one of the more aggravatingly particular and eccentric in the list. It sounded so much like me, I laughed out loud with recognition. Then I started looking up the birthdays of other family members, and I found other calendar-prophecies which sounded very applicable those family members. Could this list actually have legs?