This comes under that self-created category of divination I call Chartomancy. That is, divination methods which involve the consultation or creation of charts, lists or graphics. This is the very simplest form of chartomancy, a sub-category which could be called the List of Days, since these methods only require you to consult a list of days considered fortunate, unfortunate or mixed. I always encourage readers of this blog to test these divination methods I talk about. List of Days divination methods very much lend themselves to the empirical method of research, since the empirical method takes into account both quantitative and qualitative data and List of Days can give you both. Only you will know if these love fortunes for each day of the year apply to your nearest and dearest or not.

For this reason, on pages 16 and 17 of the PDF, I have created what I call ‘Survey Sheets’ for singles and couples you know.