A black cat crosses your path. Is it good luck or bad luck? That depends on the culture you ask.

Omen divination, like most of the divination methods I categorize under the self-coined term, ‘artomancy’, requires a sensitivity to your environment. The main challenge of omen divination is, as a friend once put it whenever something omen-like happens in her life, “is it an omen, or is it a pizza?” That is, is you have to ask yourself, is it truly a Sign from Universe, or is has it come into your life because you ‘ordered’ it? Omens, to us humans, call to mind the comment by a former Supreme Court Justice who once said (of pornography), “I know it when I see it.” Humans have been divining by omen for thousands of years, continue to do so, and probably always will. Omens have even changed the course of history, so it is a subject which must be addressed.