Halloween is coming up fast, and I wanted to create something new in honor of the holiday. I decided on a card deck, and I decided to make these cards predictive in nature, because for the Celts, Halloween was considered New Year’s Eve, so of course it was a traditional time to divine for the future.

 This deck was designed to work the same way as the 52 ‘Egyptian’ Rhyming Fortunes. That is, you shuffle the deck and lay out all the cards face-down, in four rows of eight cards each. Unlike the Rhyming Fortunes, where inquirers choose just one card, each participant using this Halloween Oracle is allowed to choose up to three cards at random as their fortune, whatever their inclination tells them. They may want to choose just one. Whatever their intuition tells them.

The host, or person charged with watching over the cards, is encouraged to switch around some of the cards between users, in order to keep the selections as random as possible for all. As always, if the user wants to start with a prayer, or set an intention to draw the truest answer for themselves before they select any cards, that’s fine. The 52 Rhyming Fortunes incantation, ‘An answer true I seek to find, and take what comes with quiet mind.‘ is a good one to use with this deck as well.