The Wheel of Fortune is a divination format limited only by your imagination. You may already have an idea of who-needs-what for the upcoming holiday season, but for those who need some fresh ideas, or are simply stumped, I created these two Wheels of Fortune as an aid. One is a general-ideas wheel and the other is designed as an ‘I need to do this on the cheap’ wheel. You may want to use both for greater clarity. These wheels are designed for use with a pendulum, a top or the old spin-and-point. Just ask your usual suspects (Gods/Ancestors/Angels/The Giftee’s Spirit Guides/Etc.) ‘help me out here, what would be a good gift for (fill in the blank) for Christmas/Yule/Kwanzaa/Their Birthday?’

I didn’t make it an option on either of the wheels, so I’ll make a Shameless Product Plug here. If you know of a budding diviner on your shopping list, I have a number of downloadable PDFs on this blog that might make a good gift, and I’m not charging for any of them yet. I’m working on what I hope to make the next entry on this blog, but for now, have fun with this and have a good holiday season.