I recently did a reading for myself, using what we could call the Napoleonic Geomancy Cards (the Geomantic Symbols with five lines of figures, not four), and the cards Puella Major and Puer Major turned up. A teenage girl and a teenage boy. Hmm. Curious to know more about these two individuals, because from my reading it looked like they are siblings, and I might meet them at some point in the future, I did a standard Geomancy Card Reading for both of them, using the 12-house method, and came up with this:

Both teenagers had the same two Geomantic Symbols for the first two houses. (I swear I shuffled thoroughly). Cauda Draconis in the first house means that physically, they aren’t particularly attractive and personality-wise, they’re likely to be closed-off, ‘crabbed-in’, a bit mean, and even vindictive. Carcer in the second house means their money is restricted in some way. If they’re in line for an inheritance, or trust funds, those are restricted in some way, or aren’t coming their way anytime soon. If they have part-time jobs, they don’t pay much, or if financially-dependent on their parents for money, their parents don’t pay out much.

After that, their charts were quite different. He has Acquisitio in the third house, and she has Conjunctio there, which indicates their mutual relatives will favor him more than her. She has Puella in the fourth house and Via in the tenth, meaning she loves one parent, while the other parent she sees in a more negative light, as a person of narrow views and close habits. He has Puer in the fourth house and Conjuntio in the tenth, meaning he’ll have disputes with one parent and troubles with the other. But they both have favorable Geomantic symbols in the seventh and eleventh houses, meaning they will be blessed with good marriages and good friends.

One thing Sepharial didn’t mention is the ninth house also rules religion, philosophy and higher education. The teenage boy has Laetitia in the ninth house, suggesting that whatever his religion or personal philosophy is, it will bring him happiness and comfort. He will likely enjoy his post-high-school education and remember those years as happy years in his life. The teenage girl has Caput Draconis in this house; a key meaning of Caput Draconis is ‘starting something new, and the benefits which can come from beginnings.’ This suggests that at some point in her life, she may give the heave-ho to whatever religion or philosophy she was brought up in, and embark on a whole new spiritual practice, one which may give her a whole new perspective on things and bring new opportunities. Post-high school, she will likely embark on a course of study very different from anything her parents did, and blaze her own trail.

This is what I mean earlier when I said you can suss-out details Sepharial doesn’t cover in his book. It just depends on how well you know the meanings of the twelve houses and the Geomantic symbols. I will include a bibliography at the end of this lesson.