Sorry for the long break folks, life got a bit hectic for a moment there. I introduced the Geomancy Cards (Symbols) some time ago, but I recently came across another way of reading them in a rather old book, A Manual of Occultism by an author who went by the obvious pseudonym, ‘Sepharial.’ This approach uses the western twelve-house horoscope chart as the lay-out pattern for the geomancy cards, and the author ‘Sepharial’ gave specific meanings for each geomancy symbol in each house (see PDF attachment further on in the lesson).

Having tried the Geomancy Cards in the 12 houses on a few test subjects, and it seems to me this variety of reading would be good for three specific purposes: 1.) Getting a ‘read’ on someone you haven’t met yet, but have been informed you’re going-to 2.) Doing an annual personal reading or progress-report reading, or 3.) Doing a one-card reading with more pinpoint accuracy.

In the case of the second state purpose, you could modify your reading by choosing to draw a card for only certain houses, and skipping the rest if they don’t apply to your situation/question. Or, it may be you have only one burning question, which only one house of the horoscope chart addresses, which is my reasoning behind the third stated purpose, a one-card, spot-check reading. One-card readings usually only give you a general status report on your life right now. Doing a one-card reading and employing the horoscope-chart with it can give you a tailored status report for a specific area of your life.

Just finished writing an e-book and want to know how it will fare? Lay a card on the ninth house, which among other things, represents publications. Met a good prospect for marriage and you mercinarily want to know if they’re financially sound? Lay a card on the second house, which represents personal finances, and another card in the eighth, which represents joint finances. Want to know what their stumbling block is, or the sort of enemies they have? Lay a card on the twelfth house, known as the house of self-undoing and secret enemies. Want to know what sort of opposition you face in your latest endeavor? Lay a card on the seventh house, which is the house of marriage, contracts and open adversaries. Learn the meanings of each house in a horoscope chart and the meanings of each Geomancy card, and you can do pin-point, on-the-spot, and accurate readings for a wide-variety of questions.