First, I recommend the Geomancy cards I created for an earlier lesson. I’m assuming you’ve already downloaded and printed out the Geomancy Cards I did earlier, but I’ll attach that PDF here, just in case you haven’t:

Of course, when drawing the geomancy symbols for each house of the horoscope chart, you don’t have to use the cards I created; they just make it easier. There’s something to be said performing an act of divination in the original format devised for it. For I Ching, that’s yarrow stalks. For Geomancy, that’s drawing four lines of a random number of dots in each line, then translating it into a final figure (one dot for odd-numbered lines, two dots for even-numbered lines). Me personally, when using the Geomancy cards, I like to smear them around, face-down, chaos-style on the table top, then just start laying them out from the first house through the twelfth, and dealing from the top of the deck, but follow whatever shuffling method feels right to you.

Below is the PDF for the guide I drew directly from Sepharial for interpreting the Geomancy Cards in a 12-house lay-out:

 I have tried keeping as much of his original wording as possible, but every now and then, my own editing crept in. The first 24 pages are the interpretive key, going Geomancy symbol by Geomancy symbol and giving a bare-bones description for the meaning of each symbol in each of the twelve houses. Sepharial didn’t go into much detail, but I say, be prepared to use both your own intuition, plus your personal knowledge of the Geomantic symbols and the meanings of the houses. There may be a meaning for you or the person you’re reading for which Sepharial, in his guide, didn’t cover.

The final four pages in this PDF, pages 25 through 28, are two two-page forms I’ve created, which you can print out and use. The first form is a personality profile/annual/progress report form, with a diagram and space for notes. The second form is only for when you are doing oppositional-type readings where there’s usually only one winner. It has space for the two witnesses, the Judge and the decision in separate boxes at the bottom of the page. This is just another variety of the sort of question the shield-chart format in Geomancy was designed to answer. If the shield chart never resonated with you, this format may be more to your liking. For those who are either wondering ‘what in the blazes is the shield chart?’ or have forgotten, it’s this: