On the left: the system itself, in one easy chart. On the right: a blank worksheet for trying it out.

While perusing A Manual of Cartomancy, 4th edition, I came across this curious little system, which the author claims is a variant of the ‘Oracle of Human Destiny’—a much longer oracular system I’ll probably get into later, but like several other divination systems I’ve covered, this one is credited to Egypt as its place of origin. “It is allocated, not without reason, to the peculiar genius of the Sphinx” relates the author, ‘Grand Orient’.  “It has, however, the merit of simplicity, and continued practice, accompanied by observation of results, may produce a curious quality of shrewdness, which often answers to foresight.” Grand Orient didn’t give this numerological technique a specific name, it had no ‘catchy’ title. So after some thought, I decided to call it ‘The Egyptian Protocol’, since it’s attributed to some nameless numerologist in Egypt and it follows a particular order of operations.

This numerological gem employs addition and, more-unusually, division. You’ve got to admire how many different ways mathematics-o-philes have come up with to calculate human destiny. Grand Orient didn’t specify what circumstances this divination system is best-used for, but a quick perusal told me this system is best-used-for daily forecasts or particular-day forecasts. Since the two variables in the equation are the day of the week for which you are forecasting a prediction, and the moon’s age since the last new moon, and since there are only six possible general predictions which can result, it just naturally looks like the sort of divination system designed for daily use.  

Pair this up with ‘The Prophetic Coin’ and you might have an effective and useful two-part daily divination system. But this one is definitely for people who like doing math problems. If you have a child out of school on break, whom you want to both educate in divination, and keep their mathematics skills up to par, you could kill two birds with one stone by teaching them this forecasting system.