I’m intrigued by how the answers an inquirer receives practicing either dice or domino divination can change, depending on the length of time inquired-about, the number of dice or particular dominos involved, or the format in which it’s done. For example, I found this alternative domino divination method in the book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fortune-Telling by Francis X. King, and thought it would make a fine divination method for performing on either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

The meanings of the dominoes, considered on a yearly basis, are fundamentally different from their meanings when you’re doing it on a weekly basis. And this way puts a different twist on the answer, because Ms. King specified that with annual domino divination, the inquirer draws three tiles from the bone pile, and these three together comprise their forecast for the year. An ability to form a coherent story is a good talent to have in many forms of divination, particularly with what I call ‘symbolomancy’ methods, those which are mainly card-based. This form of domino divination is good practice in learning how to take disparate elements in a reading and form them into a cohesive story.