Below is the PDF containing the instructions, the list of meanings, and an answer slips page, of which you could print out multiple copies and have available for participants. On the blank-side of the answer slip, the inquirer can recount later how their fortune for the year transpired.

This domino divination can be done either alone or with a group.  There are two ways to practice this domino divination in a group, and both have their strengths and drawbacks. Option one is most-practicable if only two or three people are participating in the session. It makes for quicker play, and no two fortunes are the same. Option two, where each player draws three tiles, notes which they are, then returns them to the bone-pile, thus making them available for someone else to draw, is best for a larger group. This approach is good, because the same few tiles could turn up in a reading for multiple individuals. If that happens, if the same one-or-more tiles turns up for multiple people, then there could be an important message in it for the whole group.

A group setting could make for quite an entertaining time with this form of domino divination–or a troublesome one. Let’s say for example, a married person is participating in the game and they draw the five-three, the four-three, and the double-blank, in that order. Five-three is, ‘a possible romance with someone you know at your place of work.’ Four-three is, ‘your love-life will prove expensive.’ The double-blank is ‘either a largely no-news year lies ahead, or it will be one marked by a misfortune, a tragedy or a loss.’ Having drawn both the five-three and the four-three tiles, this individual’s year will likely not be a ‘no-news’ one.

These three tiles could be read as, the inquirer starts an affair with someone at work, spends money on them (perhaps the cheated-on spouse finds the receipts on the cheater’s phone), then spends more money (and heartache) getting a divorce. Yeah, amusing for the rest of the group; not so funny for the person who drew these tiles, nor for their spouse. So it’s a judgement-call whether you do this alone or with as a group activity. Certainly, you’ll want to do it with people you feel you can trust.