In my search for divination tools and methods I haven’t heard-of, I occasionally stumble across something intriguing, a possible ‘gem’ that I just have to try on. So it was with ‘the Oracle of KAZ.’ Every divination tool or method has a ‘spirit’ behind it. I had a little trouble connecting with the spirit behind this one, but perhaps it’s just a matter of getting to know and trust one another. This one I categorize under chartomancy, because it involves filling-in an answer slip, then consulting the answer-key pages. The structure of your question is very important with this divination tool, because it’s an integral part of arriving at the answer you receive. The Oracle of Kaz is good training in how to ask questions with as much brevity as possible.


 KAZ, which I presume is an acronym for the oracle’s creator, was the Grand Master Astrologer for SHE Magazine, a U.K. women’s monthly magazine which ran from 1955 to September 2011. KAZ designed this oracle as an everyday, user-friendly alternative to the more august I Ching, with its lofty motive of bringing the inquirer into greater harmony with the universe, and gently prodding further personal development by posing questions, showing the way, and occasionally tweaking the inquirer. Sometimes, we’re not seeking greater oneness with the universe by consulting a wise sage. Sometimes, we just want an answer to an everyday-living question by a wise friend we’re sitting at the breakfast table, drinking coffee with. The Oracle of KAZ will withstand multiple questions being asked of it in one sitting, whereas the I Ching will tell you in its I Ching way that you’re being a pest if you ask it a third question—truth. I actually drew that answer out of the I Ching once.