From left to right: ‘Egyptian’ Romantic Fortunes, ‘Egyptian’ Day-of-the-Week Fortune, & The Rhyming Fortunes of the 52 Cards

In my recent research into various divinatory methods, I came across three very simple divinatory card games, for which all you need is a deck of playing cards and a list of meanings. I’m sure they were originally devised only as a Fun Party Game, or as a brief diversion to liven-up an otherwise dull get-together, but who knows? They might be on the mark! At the time of this writing, we’re entering into holiday season, so it seems like an opportune time to share them, especially if you’re the awkward type at parties. With a list of the rules-&-meanings and a deck of cards in your pocket or purse, you could become the most-popular person there! True, this year, we’re still very much in Covid-19 shut-down right now. But we won’t always be, and when we’re free to move about, associate freely, and have holiday parties again, you’ll be prepared! In the meantime, you can gain experience by practicing these three games on yourself and anyone you’re quarantining-with. At the very least, it will provide a few minutes’ diversion from the normal ennui.

The first two of these card games, their devisor called ‘Egyptian’ card games. When I consulted the Yes & No stones to find out why these two card games were called Egyptian, the best the stones could tell me was, ‘because someone simply decided to call them that.’ They didn’t come from Egypt, no one was trying to give them an ancient pedigree, or a certain ‘mystique,’ or make them sound exotic. Tens and Jokers are removed from the deck for these two ‘Egyptian’ methods, because they’re considered unlucky (again, no reason why). With that out of the way, that let’s move on to: