Card 19-The Tower
This card has a couple of meanings. This card is associated with all institutions of society; schools, institutions of higher-learning, think-tanks, foundations, religion and religious institutions. It can also represent corporations, government at every level and law enforcement. It can also represent something old, or longevity; something with a history.
Card 20-The Garden/The Park
This card represents any public place where large numbers of people have the potential to meet, or matters of public interest. It can indicate social activities, such as parties or concerts, or places of work, if the surrounding cards support it. The garden can also represent non-profit organizations or charities. The garden can represent enjoyable circumstances. Because once upon a time, lovers could only enjoy privacy with one another when seen in a public place, the garden or park card can also represent lovers’ rendezvous, or matters of the heart.
Card 21-The Mountain
This can represent an obstacle, a challenge, a conflict to deal with, or an enemy to face. It can be a delay, a stalled situation, someone in denial, or simply something big and ‘rock solid.’ The mountain also has associations with foreign matters, or a person from abroad (i.e., the other side of the mountain), so travel may be indicated with this card as well.
Card 22-The Road/The Crossroad
This card varies; from either a single road or path, to an actual crossroads in others. One Lenormand deck in my possession even depicts this card as a split-staircase. It could indicate a new path the inquirer is about to take, or has just embarked on. Or, the inquirer has a decision to make from two or more options; whichever one they choose will impact their life in a significant way. The crossroads card can also represent multiples (lovers, jobs, secret lives, etc.) or mediation (divorce, lawsuits etc.).
Card 23-The Mouse/The Mice
This is a card of loss. Something or someone is nibbling away at you, or your resources. You are being slowly-undermined in some way. It can indicate stressful times, nervousness, anxiety, exhaustion and worry. Sometimes, the mouse card can indicate problems on the home front, such as mold, leaky plumbing, spoiled food, or diseases. The mouse card can also indicate mental problems, such as memory loss or mental fatigue.
Card 24-The Heart
The heart is love, and that is every kind of love along the spectrum, from romance to a sexual relationship to puppy love to platonic love between friends or co-workers. This card can also represent humanitarian or philanthropic endeavors, or emotions in general. It can indicate something the inquirer cares deeply about.
Card 25-The Ring
The ring symbolizes marriage, or any other committed relationship, such as living together or a civil union. This card also symbolizes contracts and deals of all sorts. It could mean a business contract or enlistment in the military. This card can also symbolize a proposal of any kind, or a gift. Given that it is a full circle, the ring can also symbolize the satisfactory resolution of any concern.
Card 26-The Book
The book represents the unknown, the hidden, or secret, for the book is closed. The book can also represent actual reading, writing, scholarship, in-depth knowledge on a subject, or the publishing field. The book can represent a surprise, some unforeseen event, or hidden information which changes the course of events. The nature of what is hidden by the book is often revealed by the surrounding cards.
Card 27-The Letter
The letter can represent awaited news which will shortly arrive. It is also letters, e-mails, media outlets, or newspapers both in print and on-line. The letter is any paper-format information; reports, certified mail, an invoice, or legal documents, such as a will or power of attorney. It can represent a still-sealed document. The letter also represents tangible signs of reward, such as diplomas, awards, letters of commendation, or letters of recommendation.