As those with any familiarity with the Tarot deck will see, this deck is not at all like the Tarot deck, with its 78 cards. The Lenormand deck has no ‘suits’ cards. The Lenormand deck presents the viewer with items; the Tarot deck presents the viewer with situations. Understood and used properly, this deck can yield an accurate and informative reading for the interested inquirer. First, let’s start with the meanings of the cards.

The Meanings of the Cards

Card 1-The Horseman/The Rider
Traditionally depicted as a man on horseback, the rider can be any gender, and the ‘horse’ any vehicle. It means that news, new people or new situations are on their way, and will arrive in your life at any time. This could range from a personal visit to any of the more modern forms of communication. This card’s fundamental message is, ‘news is coming.’
Card 2-Clover
Luck and opportunities, hope and positive outcomes, possibly with a twist of fate, are what this card foretells. The clover in a reading may indicate that now is a good time to take a chance or risk, as the outcome is more likely to be favorable to the inquirer. The clover has associations with the Joker in the standard playing card deck and connotes unforeseen situations with positive results.
Card 3-The Ship
This card indicates travel, exploration and change, leaving the familiar to see the unknown. It can also represent connections overseas, either business or personal. At its most extreme, it can indicate someone who travels abroad and never returns home, choosing to settle abroad permanently, particularly if it is paired with the Anchor.
Card 4-The House
This card represents your home, domestic affairs, or physical property, such as real estate or possessions. Small and medium-sized companies and family-owned businesses are also depicted by this card. The house is a solid, stable card, and a symbol of refuge and comfort.
Card 5-The Tree
The tree card represents something strong, vital and growing. It can also represent life, health, ancestry, spirituality, or religion (these last-three meanings reflect your ‘roots’).
Card 6-The Clouds
This card depicts both light and dark clouds in the sky. The clouds represent thoughts, but also doubts, worries, and concerns. It can indicate an unclear situation where some possibly-vital details are obscured, deliberately-hidden, or just-plain hard to see. This card can also indicate mental instability. In most decks, the clouds cards have the dark clouds on one side of the card and the light cards on the other. Which side of the cloud card another card lands on will indicate either a positive or an ominous interpretation of the neighboring card.
Card 7-The Snake
This card depicts a snake in a variety of snake-postures, depending on the deck; coiled up, striking, stretched-out, or hanging from a tree branch in a figure-8. The snake is a card of deceit, and may be warning you of someone who is charming, persuasive and agreeable to you, but secretly works against you and may even lie to your face. Someone is being tricky and manipulative in this situation; talk and act with care. This could be someone secretly-dangerous, and you could find your words or actions used against you.
Card 8-The Coffin
This card can represent either a stagnant situation, or one that is coming to an end. It can represent ill health, sickness, or death, but in a larger sense, it indicates a transition of some kind. This can be a harbinger of important life alterations such as moving to a new town, graduation, marriage, or retirement, which all first involve the ‘death’ of something else. This card can also indicate someone with negative or destructive attitudes and behaviors.
Card 9-The Flowers/The Bouquet
This card usually depicts a bouquet or basket of flowers, although it may also depict flowers in a garden. The flowers essential meaning is happiness, beauty, grace, joy, or a gift. It is recovery from illness and wishes granted. You are welcomed and cared-about.