Card 10-The Scythe
This card indicates a sharp, sudden, and permanent break with something or someone. It is the card of accidents and unforeseen events that suddenly and permanently change things. This can also indicate surgery.
Card 11-The Whip
This card usually features a long, braided-leather whip, although in a few decks, it may be a riding crop, a switch, or a broom. The whip is a card of strife and arguments, and the violent nature of its use may indicate physical or sexual abuse, torture, or suffering. Or indeed, all of the aforementioned. The whip can mean someone is into the ‘darker’ forms of sexuality. This card can also indicate someone who is punishing themselves for some real or imagined infraction of the rules. The whip indicates that at the very least, there is trouble and tension present.
Card 12-The Bird/The Birds
In some decks this card features one bird, in other decks, two or more. In some decks, the birds are regular birds in others, they are owls. I have a Lenormand deck in my possession which has two bird cards, regular birds and owls. The regular birds card is a card of communications; conversations, meetings, a lot of chatter, also social media and literally, Twitter(tm). The owls card has a more ominous connotation; it indicates fears, alarms, worries, vicious gossip, or the approach of bad news. A few Native American tribes consider the owl an omen of death. The bird card is often seen as a negative card.
Card 13-The Child
This card usually features a very young child, but it can represent anyone from infant to a teen. It can represent an actual child or a pregnancy, but it can also indicate fond memories of childhood, or someone with a child-like frame of mind. The child card can also indicate something in its early stages, such as a romance or the establishment of a new business or enterprise.
Card 14-The Fox
Like the snake, the fox can indicate someone deceitful, but the fox is more accurately characterized as someone sly, clever, and cunning, hard-to-pin-down, and whose deceit more takes the form of not telling the whole truth, or doing things behind the scenes. The fox can be an artful dodger! A tricky situation; let your paranoia be your guide. If it’s not referring to an untrustworthy individual, the fox card can also represent our work, job or career. Whichever of these two very-different meanings apply will depend on the surrounding cards and your own intuition
Card 15-The Bear
This card indicates someone or something big, strong, or protective. The bear can refer to top management at a company or politics, government, and the people who run it. The bear also refers to all matters financial, and can be a harbinger of a financial windfall or cash flow. Sometimes the bear represents legal matters, especially if paired with the lily card. The bear can represent someone who feel protective toward the inquirer. The bear is usually considered a positive card.
Card 16-The Star/The Stars
The star card should be read as something lucky about to befall a person. It can be an omen of a bright, lasting future. It can also symbolize the hopes, dreams, ambitions, or goals of the inquirer. In some instances, it can even mean actual fame to come to the person.
Card 17-The Stork/The Storks
The stork indicates movement; either an event or an improvement that stirs up a situation which has heretofore been stagnant. The stork can also particularly foretell changes on the domestic front, such as moving, the birth of a child, adoption, or the acquisition of an in-law. It’s worth remembering that in parts of Europe, the stork has been considered a bird of good omen. A card of transition and evolution, the stork always moves things along, so if something has been delayed, it will happen now.
Card 18-The Dog
This card represents a friend, either one you know well, or someone you may have recently met. Above all, it indicates someone you can trust. This card indicates reliability, closeness and faithfulness in loving relationships. The dog can also symbolize loyalty.