License Plate Number-your license plate number, reduced to a single digit or master number, says something about your current direction in life. It is best to have this number harmonize with the numbers of your birth date or time, for then it supports your growth and progress. If you’re good at translating letters quickly into their numeric equivalents and doing math in your head, you can even play ‘the License Plate Game.’ This is where, when you’re stopped at a traffic light, or following someone for a significant period of time on the highway, you reduce the license plate of the car in front of you to a single digit or master number. The license plate number of the car in front of you in this situation not only tells you something about the other person’s direction in life, it can tell you in what direction you need to go now.

A 1 license plate number means you are on a straight-line path to your destiny; you’re on the right path, so don’t deviate from it. A 2 license plate number means open up to receiving; stop being so hard-charging and aggressive and yield more often. A 3 license plate number means get creative; find a new way to solve an old problem, take a fresh approach, or find a new creative outlet for your energies. A 4 license plate number means get to work and stop dawdling; only hard work and persistent effort will resolve your problem(s) right now. A 5 license plate number means do something different; take a different route, rather than the same old way, be more adventurous, listen to a different radio station on the car radio, or improve your driving skills/habits. A 6 license plate number means pay more attention to your connections, or your relationships with others; how are you reacting to others along the way? What is going on with the other passengers in your car? A 7 license plate number means focus on the spiritual aspects of the trip. Are you progressing on your spiritual path, or are you ‘stuck in traffic?’ An 8 license plate number means the path you’re on is a successful one for you; just remember to keep the resonance elevated, and don’t get into negative-think. A 9 license plate number means wrap this up; do what you have to do and be done with it. This number could be telling you the trip itself might be unnecessary. If it’s a non-essential trip you’re on, abort it and go home.