Of the several numerologists whose books I have read and studied, Amie Angeli is the one numerologist who has most-extensively tackled the subject of other significant numbers in a person’s life and how they impact a person’s life. In her book, The Numbers in Our Lives: A Course in ACP Numerology (Westport, Connecticut: AngelLines Publishing, 1997, 1998, ISBN: 1-891333-00-3), she devotes several chapters to telephone numbers, home-address, work-address, apartment and suite numbers, phone numbers, identification numbers, automotive numbers, and account numbers. Your natal numerological chart gives a general overview of your life, but your other life numbers fill in the details and give you a better idea of where you are now, how you are doing, and what progress you are making toward fulfilling your destiny.

She provided a numerology chart on page 86 of her book, which she labeled My Message Summary–what messages are The Divine/Universe sending me through the numbers in my daily life? I have elected to create a separate chart based on this, which gives you more room to do calculations (see the link on the next page).