Horseshoe-fortunate coincidences, lucky breaks and meaningful surprises await you. Keep an open mind.

Sun-you can make a positive impact on circumstances and people now. This symbol means joy, creativity and success.

Moon-your innermost feelings and intimate relationships are important now. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition now.

Mercury-communication, conversations, travel and knowledge. You may be in a lively, social phase now.

Venus-love, harmony, or art bring you delightful experiences in the near future. You may be feeling romantic or creative.

Mars-energy action and assertiveness. Unless other symbols in your spin advise caution, go for what you really want right now.

Jupiter-luck, expansion and bounty brighten your life. Long-distance friendships or trips could also brighten your life or expand your horizons too.

Saturn-self-discipline, responsibility, and just plain hard work are demanded of you now. You may face some kind of test, or need to make your life more efficient some way.

Uranus-something unusual could happen in the near future. You may acquire some new electronic device. Magic and the occult could appeal to you at this time.

Neptune-your dreams could be telling you something right now. Pay attention to your intuition. Self-exploration or trying to figure someone else out could occupy your attention right now. 

Pluto-some large-scale change which affects many people may be in the near-future. Inhumanity on the part of others may soon shock you. 

Chiron-Chiron was known as ‘the Wounded Healer.’ Where are you or others in your life ‘wounded’? And where does healing lie?

Eris-Eris was the Greek goddess of discord. She had an unparalleled talent for causing chaos, jealousy and trouble. Be on guard, for there is a troublemaker in the picture, or soon will be. Don’t let anyone manipulate you by provoking you.

Vesta-Vesta was the peaceful Goddess of the hearth, and a homebody at heart. Home and family matters will occupy your attention soon, some important development on the domestic front. 

Athena-Athena was the goddess of wisdom, domestic arts and righteous war. You may start a new course of study or take up a craft soon. If you are engaged in any kind of conflict, make sure your cause is just. Is this the hill you are willing to die on?

Click on the link below to download the cards for your spinning circle. Don’t feel you have to put them in any kind of proper order. Give them a good mixing-up before you lay them out in a circle. Try to lay out a circle about a meter in diameter. Too much bigger than that, and it may be hard to tell which card your stumbling foot was indicating.