For those using the symbol cards I’ve included in this deck, the meanings are as follows:

Heart-matters of the heart occupy your mind right now. You may be in, want to be in, or are about to be in, a romantic relationship. Something or someone has suddenly become dear to you.

Diamond-an important time for your goals, ambitions or life direction. You could suddenly value something you didn’t before, or want to pursue a new goal. Expect positive developments and increased self-confidence.

Cat-your independent streak and free spirit seek an outlet now. You may feel like behaving unpredictably or mysteriously. Be adventurous and follow your heart.

Sunrise-a new beginning, a fresh start, a sense of re-birth, or the dawning of hope after a long dark night of the soul.

Clinking Glasses-a reason for celebration. Parties and social invitations of every kind are indicated. Enjoy yourself!

Star-this is a lucky sign. Success in your projects, recognition and praise are all indicated.

Equal-Armed Cross-a warning against over-doing it, taking on more than you can handle, or making impulsive mistakes by rushing things are indicated by this symbol. Slow down and let go a little.

Envelope-a longed-for letter, or an important e-mail, text message, or document is on its way to you. It may contain good news.

Eye-a protective symbol in many cultures. It may also hint at wonderful insights and new ways of looking at dilemmas.

Clubpractical matters, a financial improvement or a significant gift in the near future. You may communicate with others in a new way, or make new plans for the future.

Bell-some happy news. Sometimes this symbol means you will be making positive changes in your life. You may ‘wake up’ see something with crystal clarity soon. You may soon be ‘rescued’ in some way.

Spade-can herald an important change. Legal matters, official documents, large companies and serious commitments are all represented by this symbol. Actions and agreements made now could have a lasting or fateful impact on your future. Be thoughtful and cautious.

Snake on a Branch-someone does not deserve your trust. Be watchful and do not confide in anyone you don’t know well. If other warning signs like the cross or the spade are indicated in your spin, keep quiet and guard your secrets well.