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If you can’t think about spinning like this without worrying about injuring yourself, an acceptable alternative to the traditional method is using an ordinary toy spinning top. With the top, though, you’re going to have to do it on a table-top or bare floor, and you’re probably going to have to spin it multiple times before you get any kind of answer that makes sense. You may just get an acronym, or initials. Some spins may not land on, near or pointed-at anything. And it will be up to you to decide when you’ve spun it enough. This is not a divination method for anyone in a rush, or who needs a quick answer. It’s more of a relaxed, pass-the-time sort of divination method. A relaxed, care-free mood where you don’t feel a strong emotional attachment to the outcome can be more conducive to effective divination.

As always before starting to divine, clearing your mind and saying a prayer for a true and clear answer is a good idea. So is asking your question clearly, out-loud, before starting to spin. I’ve included a PDF below with cards containing all the letters of the western alphabet. I’ve also included some symbols I took off a fortune-teller’s cup, for variety and clarification. The symbols will mean something, not spell something, and can augment the use of the letters. You may want to spin using only symbols or only letters; it’s your choice. Print out the cards, cut them out along the solid black lines, and keep them for whenever you want to spin-divine. You may want to purchase a toy top and use it exclusively for divining. If you’re in a pinch, or if you’re the kitchen-witch type, you can use a top grabbed from the play-room floor.