If you have candles handy, this form of divination can serve as an easy and convenient introduction to the whole subject of pyromancy, or divination by fire. Known technically as lychnomancy, all candle divination requires are three candles, matches, a flat, stable surface to burn them on, and a meditative frame of mind. If you are using multiple-use candles and not tea-light candles which are single-use, it is best if you keep the candles you use for this divination only for purposes of divination. In a pinch, you can do this divination with just one candle, but three is better.

It is ideal to set up your candles in a place with absolutely no drafts. The air in the room should be still. Make sure you’re far enough away that your own breath is not disturbing the candle flames. All these precautions are important, because the candle flames’ behavior is everything in this divination method. You don’t want the candles to give you a dubious answer because the heating or cooling system kicked on at that moment and created a suction, or because somebody just came in the door and created a breeze.