I placed all eight sheets face-down on the table in front of me, shuffled them around, and with the sheets still face-down, arranged them in a half-circle in front of me. Closing my eyes, I chose a sheet by asking myself, ‘which direction do I feel impelled to draw from?’ I’ll say this for Madame de Stael’s divination tool, it is good practice in developing your intuition.

Reaching to my upper-right, I chose a sheet and turned it over—disc 2. Okay, taking up my pointer and closing my eyes again, I hovered the pointer in a circle around the disc, trying to figure out which part of the circle I felt drawn-to. I felt a pull to the left-hand side. I pointed and opened my eyes. The pointer had landed on W-10. Rats, I thought. In my minds-eye, I was feeling a stronger pull toward its neighbor, T-12.

But W-10 was the one I landed on, so I looked up its related fortune, and read the following: ‘Weddings three in your house I see, for two sweet lasses and for thee.’ There were three weddings in the family, but that was last year. For three sweet lasses in fact, but I certainly wasn’t one of them. There are no other family weddings in sight and I’m way-past my sweet-lass-hood. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the fortune for the alpha-numeric answer section I thought I was aiming for, T-12: ‘There’s a surprise; on you will call strangers whose news shall you appall.’ Now that answer makes sense, I can easily picture strangers visiting me by surprise and bringing appalling news with them.

But this highlights something you may want to take into consideration when using this divination tool, or anything similar. If you feel intuitively called to a specific section of the disc when you close your eyes and ask yourself, which is my fortune from among the options in front of me, then using a pointer may be unnecessary.