Madame de Stael’s Book of Necromancy consists of eight discs, numbered 1 through 8 and a list of fortunes. I’ve looked over the list of fortunes for each disc to see if there’s some sort of ‘theme’ in the answers pertaining to that disc, but there was none that I could determine. Each disc is decorated with four overlapping circles, forming sixteen sections around the perimeter of the disc. Half the sections have alpha-numeric codes in them, while the others are blank. In the original design, the unused sections were filled in with black ink, but in my re-design, I’ve left those sections blank, so you can fill them in with whatever color you want. The PDF is below:

According to the instructions, the order of the discs should be shuffled and laid out before the inquirer, who should be blindfolded, or at least have their eyes shut for the operation. Their first draw will be for which of the discs they will choose their fortune from. From that disc they will choose, still not looking, one of the alpha-numeric codes in the disc, using a pointer of some sort. If they miss, they can try again, but no more than three tries total. If in three tries they fail to land on a section with an alpha-numeric code, then the spirits simply don’t want to communicate with them through this tool right now, and they should try again some other time.

You can get creative with this. You could lay out the discs in a circle around the inquirer (or whole sheets, if you’re not cutting the discs out and using the master list answer key sheet) and have them choose one. You could lay them out in a half-circle. Or, just lay them out in a neat row or rows in front of the person, but always with them not in numerical order. Just as long as the participant knows the shape of the field they’re choosing from, it’s fine.