The accouterments. From left to right, the Dodecahedron of the Dead (barely-visible) the carrying pouch, the cards, the Tables of Messages and the Answer Sheet.

It’s September. And you know what that means—Halloween season is coming up fast. Though I prefer to focus on doing lessons about existing divination methods and tools which have an established history of use, I sometimes get an original idea or an idea for a variant on an existing tool that I want to share with you. This is one of those times. Because Halloween is a traditional time for communicating with the dead, or at least giving them a passing thought, I enjoy thinking up new ways of doing that, particularly if it gives people an alternative to the Ouija board, which I’m now convinced should be used only by trained occultists, spiritual experts, people with very strong psychic boundaries, and other people who really know what they’re doing. Have you seen the stores which stock Halloween décor? The Ouija Board has been in the public consciousness for so long, it’s now a decorative theme.


As those who regularly follow this blog know, I did an earlier lesson on ‘The Prophetic Coin’, a divination tool comprised of nine cards numbered 1 through 9, a coin, and a list of answers which included a heads or tails answer for each number, totaling 18 possible answers. I recently took it out and studied it, because I wanted to see if there was any rhyme or reason to the answers the Prophetic Coin’s unknown creator came up with. I mean, with only eighteen answers, how did this person arrive at these eighteen answers and not eighteen others? As I mulled over the answers sheet, I realized that the heads and tails answers for each of the nine numbers did, in some respect, reflect the numerological significance of that particular number. Whoever came up with the Prophetic Coin was well-versed in numerology.

Then the wheels started turning in my mind. Since it’s a divination tool with such a limited number of answers, why not do specialty Prophetic Coins and broaden its potential utility? Why not do a Love Prophetic Coin or a New Year’s Prophetic Coin? Or a Halloween-related Prophetic Coin? Bingo. I was off and running and here it is.