This unique form of ovomancy I found in a book by late Wiccan priest and author, Scott Cunningham. Actually, this form of ovomancy can be practiced at any time of the year, but since it’s normal to dye eggs for Easter, it’s naturally more convenient to practice it then. And you’re not dealing with egg-goop for this one.

Hard-boil seven eggs, or purchase them hard-boiled from the store. Leave one egg white, then dye the remaining eggs (one each) in the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. When the dye on the egg has dried, place all seven eggs in a bowl. If you have one of those special, decorative egg-trays (I believe it’s called a ‘hanty’ in some cultures), you can arrange your eggs on that, but you’ll have to cover it with a kitchen towel. Close your eyes, and ask a question. Then, without opening your eyes, reach into the bowl and choose an egg. Interpret the color of the egg the following way:

Red-Things are in motion; beware.

Orange-Great change is ahead, either positive or negative.

Yellow-Thought will be necessary. Don’t rely solely on your emotions.

Green-You’ll be entering a creative period. This is a positive sign.

Blue-Love and new relationships are forecast for your future.

Purple-Higher Forces are at work here. The outcome may not be in your hands at all.

White-No response is possible at this time. Ask again another time.

You might even want to expand on this approach to ovomancy. You can dye an egg:

Pink-someone holds you in great affection–perhaps in secret.

Or include a brown egg laid by a Rhode Island Red:

Brown-indicates dealing with practical concerns and down-to-earth realities.

You could also branch out and dye some eggs half one color, half another. The chooser’s fortune would then be a combination of the two colors. But as with cookie divination, keep in mind that to eat the egg is to accept the fortune which comes with it. That having been said, have fun with this seasonal holiday divination! Assume that the fortunes each person chooses, as indicated by the color of the egg, applies for the remainder of the year.


Practice this form of egg divination in a group and keep a record of who chooses what color egg. On December 31st, return to your notes, and this list of colored-egg meanings. Did any of the fortunes come true? If you had any bi-colored eggs, or even tri-colored eggs in the mix, can you see how each color’s meaning played out in the events of that person’s year?

(Note: this is a re-issued section of the larger lesson on Ovomancy, but since Easter is coming up fast as of this writing, it is being re-posted as a separate lesson here).