I normally shun the Grand Tableau for its complexity, but I resolved to try the Grand Tableau for an overview reading of the United States in 2020. One should always be willing to challenge oneself and damned if I was going to let any card lay-out defeat me! For this, I used my favorite LeNormand Deck, Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition. Shuffling the cards using my favorite method, the Chaos Method, I laid out the cards in 9×4 fashion. Taking Alexander Musruck’s book The Art of Kipper Reading in hand, I turned to page 283, ‘7 Keys to Unlock the Grand Tableau’ and began.

Key 1 : ‘What are the first three cards in the spread?’ That’s the upper-left corner. These three cards are important, because they set the theme and tone of the reading. They show what is being brought to the table. The Bridge, the Labyrinth, and the Clouds are the first three cards in this spread. The Bridge, one of Ciro Marchetti’s additions to the LeNormand deck, essentially represents connections, establishing connections, reconciliations, also networks and the Internet.

The Labyrinth card (I call it the Garden Maze) is another of Ciro Marchetti’s additions to the LeNormand Expanded Edition Deck. It’s stated meaning concerns making your way through a confusing series of events by trial and error. It is also my corporations, conspiracy or crime-syndicate card, since it depicts something with numerous layers and multiple people, and someone in the center of it all, like a spider in the middle of a web, waiting for a nice, fat fly.

The Clouds is a traditional LeNormand card. It represents mental activity; thoughts and aspirations, but also worries, anxieties, fears, confusion, suspicion, angst. The Cloud card is traditionally depicted with dark clouds on one half of the card, light clouds on the other. The dark clouds represent the darker functions of the mind, the light clouds, the lighter thoughts.

It appears connections between corporations, conspirators, and crime cartels will be causing the U.S. considerable anxiety this year, for the first two cards are on the dark side of the Clouds card. At the very least, speculations about such will occupy many minds this year. The Clouds can also mean someone is deliberately trying to ‘cloud’ the issue.