0814191743-00                   The lovely, dark deck above is Bicycle’s Shadow Masters deck,                 available through Amazon.

Before I go any deeper into symbolomancy, I want to talk about divining with the standard playing card deck. One of the benefits of playing card-divination is the same virtue I talk about in the simpleomancy section–using ordinary things found in your every-day environment for divining. Unless you live with someone so religiously-strict, they don’t permit card-playing under their roof, chances are there’s a deck of playing cards somewhere. People who would freak-out if they stumbled across a Tarot deck in the house probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid about playing cards. If you’re the ‘kitchen witch’ kind of diviner, you can use your card deck for divining in the morning and poker that night. Though it’s a good idea to have a separate deck for divining, in a pinch, you could use your card-game deck.

First, let’s start with a little history of how the modern playing card deck came into being.