The Theban alphabet was originally devised as a secret alphabet to be used for translating books on magic into printed words which would be indecipherable to would-be inquisitors. Honorius of Thebes, the son of Euclid, the famous mathematician, is credited with having invented this alphabet. Though this alphabet can be and has been used in magic, it can also be used for divination. What manifests in our outer reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of us, and the spirit behind the Theban alphabet divination recognizes this. In my practice with this divination tool, I have found that it can address what is going on in my outer world, and even predict future events to a degree, but the Theban alphabet very much deals with what is going on in my inner world. It is an intensely-personal divination system.

The meanings I ascribe to each of these symbols largely come from the book, “The Theban Oracle” by Dr. Greg Jenkins, PhD. Anyone interested in this divination system is strongly encouraged to read it. Dr. Jenkins recommends the user paint these symbols on stones for throwing or drawing, a la the Runes, but I have created a set of cards for this alphabet which work just as well. (See below). As with the Tarot or most of the Runes, these symbols have different meanings right-side-up or reversed, so in my opinion, the Theban oracle works better in card form. I have included the files for both a miniature set of the Theban alphabet, and slightly-larger Theban alphabet cards. The slightly larger cards have a backing design on the last page, but remember to omit it when printing the cards out, if you want to use a different back-design.



(3/11/2021 Update: At the end of this lesson is a new, annotated edition of the large Theban Alphabet cards.)