On January 1, 2019 I did a yearly reading to see what is ahead for the United States this year. I used the Eight Pagan High-Holidays Wheel-of-the-Year layout, Imbolc through Yule, because it gives a good idea of what will be going on at more-or-less regularly-placed intervals throughout the year. I used the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Fortune deck, expanded edition, for this layout. I laid out three cards for each ‘spoke’ on the wheel, for greater detail. The result was as follows:

Imbolc-Early February 2019-The Magnifying Glass-The Star-The Split Stair-Case(traditionally The Crossroads card in the LeNormand Deck)








By early February 2019, crucial information from one of the seventeen separate investigations into Donald Trump, his administration, his family, his business, or his 2016 presidential campaign will come to light. The Star is a hopeful, optimistic card, but it also means guidance, or something pre-ordained; so in that sense, there’s an element of compulsion here. Some important information from one or more of these investigations is destined to come to light at this time, and this information will present the U.S. with some necessary decisions to make–and the information revealed will pretty-much dictate in what direction the U.S. must head next.

Spring Equinox-Late March 2019-Time-The House-The Birds


By late March, there will be a serious domestic conversation about the role of social media in politics. It has now become apparent the CEOs of certain social media outlets were indifferent and negligent to how Russian Intelligence Services were using their platforms in the 2016 election (both in the U.S. and in the Brexit campaign in the U.K.). I predict around this time, the U.S. House of Representatives will introduce legislation aimed at more strictly-regulating social media. Such legislation will likely obligate them to ‘police’ their platforms (their own ‘House’ if you will) more closely, and to report/thwart suspicious incursions in a more timely fashion. Whether this legislation gets anywhere is another matter, but at the very least, this issue will be discussed at this time.

Beltane-Early May 2019-The Storks-The Labyrinth-The Mountain







The Storks always indicate movement. The Labyrinth is a card particular to the expanded edition of the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Fortune deck, and among other things, I associate it with multi-layered conspiracies and things going on behind the scenes. The Mountain can represent either conflicts, obstacles, a considerable challenge, something big, or foreign matters. So taken altogether, I interpret this to mean in early May, we’re going to get a clearer picture of the extent and nature of Russian Intelligence Services operations in the U.S., and Trump & Company’s role in those operations.

Summer Solstice-Late June 2019-The Flowers-The Moon-The Letter








The Flowers always represent a gift of some kind. Among many other things, the Moon represents fame and notoriety. The Letter can represent either an actual letter, or any kind of document. So in early summer, the U.S. is going to receive a gift in the form of a document which comes to light and receives widespread public notice. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report may come out around this time and it will be seen as a gift.

Lughnasadh-Early August 2019-The Ship-The Owls-The Ring


In the LeNormand deck, the Ship represents travel or anything/anyone foreign. The Owls, like the Birds, are about communication, but the Owls represent communication of an ominous/troubling/alarming variety. The Ring can represent an actual engagement, but also any commitment or agreement. It’s a solid pledge to do something. Given these meanings, I predict that by early August 2019, we could be learning the full, ugly details about what Donald Trump agreed to do for Russia, to his own country, in exchange for Russian help in becoming elected president in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Autumn Equinox-late September 2019-The Dog-The Cross-The Coffin


The Dog represents friendship and loyalty, but in readings of this kind, I have grown to associate it also with the United States. The Cross represents suffering, or enduring hardship, plain and simple. The Coffin represents illness; it can represent death, but that is usually only when it appears with the Scythe. Thus, by late September, the U.S. populace is going to be suffering, even feeling ill, at all the unpleasant information which has come out about Donald Trump, the people around him and supporting him, and the society the U.S. has become as a result of his occupying the highest office in the land. There may be a feeling the U.S. has become profoundly ‘sick’ in some way, and that Donald Trump’s presidency may be symptomatic of that ‘sickness.’ There may also be a sentiment in some quarters that there are things in this society which really need to die, for the health of the whole.

Samhain-late October-early November 2019-The Tree-The Bear-The Mice


The Tree can represent anything strong, vital, health and growing; it is a card associated with health. The Bear can represent, business, legal matters, financial matters, a protective influence, or some big matter, but I also have learned to associate it with Russia when it comes up in readings of this sort. The Mice represent a subtle, gradual, piecemeal, secretive, but steadily-undermining influence. The Mice also represent embezzlement, pilferage, and petty theft. I interpret this to mean that by Halloween 2019, the U.S. is going to have a clearer picture of just how badly Russian Intelligence Services have been weakening its overall-health as a nation and its standing in the world, and how they did it by gradual, bit-by-bit moves over the past several years.

Winter Solstice-late December 2019-The Mask-The Clouds-The Older Woman


The Mask represents someone who has been presenting a deceptive face to the world. They appear one way in public, and another way in private. The left side of the Mask Card is depicts a smiling face, while the right side of the card depicts a frowning face. The Clouds represent thoughts, fears and anxieties. On the left side of the Clouds card are dark and stormy clouds, while on the right side of the Clouds cards are bright and sunny clouds. Given all this, I predict that by December 2019, a large chunk of the U.S. populace is going learn that a powerful woman who has been depicted to them as dark and evil and even monstrous-most-likely Hillary Rodham Clinton, but possibly also Nancy Pelosi-is not as evil as they have been led to believe. I come to this interpretation because the dark and stormy side of the Clouds card is toward the frowning side of the Mask card, and the bright-and-sunny side of the Clouds card is toward the Older Woman card.
So the year begins on a note of hopeful encouragement, and ends on a bittersweet note of vindication– that someone who had been made to look like the villain in the story to many people was in fact, not. But I wanted to know, what can the U.S. hold onto, take as its guiding star, in this year 2019? The next three cards were:

The Well-The Key-The Dice


Whenever the Key card appears, it is saying ‘this is important, this is the crucial piece in this whole puzzle, this points to the way OUT of your troubles.’ The Well card in the expanded Gilded Reverie LeNormand Fortune deck can represent wishes and dreams, but it can also represent creativity, healing, and drawing on one’s internal resources. The Well means your goal is attainable, but you’ll have to put in some work and effort in order to achieve it, it’s not some good fortune which will just drop in your lap, like the Clover card portends. The Dice card is the gamble, the risk, the empty-handed leap into the void. It carries with it the promise of future change, but the change can be either positive or negative, depending on how the dice land. The Well is telling the United States to draw on its own internal resources. It’s asking, “What are your wishes and dreams as a people, as a country? If you could make yourself into that ‘more perfect union’ as stated in the U.S. Constitution, what would that ‘more perfect union’ look like? And what do you need to do in order to get there?” The Dice card is encouraging the U.S. to take that empty-handed leap into the void, to gamble on the future, to do the needed work, and to trust that it will land on its feet when the work is done.