Do you have an odd-lot collection of beads on hand, from long-since-broken necklaces or never-completed jewelry projects? If so, you may have the makings for this variant of stone divination! It is not clear where this divination method started, but since the earliest humans did not have the technology to tumble or cut facets in stones, we may safely conclude it is a relatively-new form of stone divination.


This is supposed to be performed either at night, or in a darkened room. Lay out a variety of reflective beads or tumbled stones, in a variety of colors, in a circle on a black cloth. The important thing is, whether you use faceted beads or tumbled stones, they should be shiny, not dull. The cloth should measure approximately one yard or meter square and be some non-reflective variety, such as velvet, wool, or cotton. In a pinch, you could use a sheet of black paper; construction paper or some other craft paper. The important thing is, the surface on which you arrange the stones should be dull, not shiny.

In the center of the circle, set a candle and light it. Close your eyes for several minutes, and enter into a meditative state. When your mind is clear, calm and quiet, open your eyes and observe the beads/stones in front of you. What you are looking for is this: which stone’s/bead’s reflection first draws your attention? Which reflection first catches your eye? Are there any other stones or beads in the circle whose reflection you noticed when you first opened your eyes? There may be two or three stones whose reflection caught your eye immediately. The color of the stone whose reflection caught your eye is considered to have the following meanings: