The Two-Dice-Twenty-Answers Method of Dice Casting

This dice-casting method hands more control over the answer to the diviner and the inquirer. It uses just two dice.  You start by compiling a list of twenty possible answers to the issue which concern you. Number these twenty answers by starting with the number four and ending with twenty-four. These answers will require a good-enough knowledge about the matter at hand, and possibly a little imagination, to be able to project twenty possible answers. This is a very issue-specific way of casting the dice.

After saying your opening prayer or invocation asking for true guidance in the answer,  cast the dice, added their numbers together and note it. Cast the pair of dice a second time, add their numbers together, then add that together with the first number. The resulting sum is then matched to the corresponding numbered-answer on the list which you devised specifically for this dice-casting session, and is considered to be the correct answer to your question.

The benefit of this method is, it lets you really focus on one issue and obtain an answer of great detail and specificity. The drawback is, it calls for up-front effort your part to work up the list of answers before asking the question, so it is not a dice method for the lazy or unmotivated. There is also the danger that none of your hypothetical answers will turn out to be the correct one!

As always, if you throw the pair of dice three separate times and each time both dice either land outside the circle or fall on the floor, then the Spirits either don’t like the answers you’ve drawn up, or they simply don’t want to communicate with you on this matter at this time.