Since it’s beginning in 1996, Fox News has been, for better or for worse, an influential purveyor of news in the United States. It has become the ‘go-to’ news network for conservative politicians in the U.S. for years. With the new focus in U.S. society over the past two years on matters of workplace sexual harassment, however, Fox News has been particularly hard-hit. It’s original CEO, Roger Ailes, was forced out, as were a few others at the network, both in front of the camera and at management level, following allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. A few Fox News female employees, most notably Gretchen Carlson and Megan Kelly, left the network for the same reason, only on the receiving end of the harassment. So I thought to take a divinatory look at how Fox News is doing now, and what the near-future holds for them. 

This reading was done on Monday, March 5, 2018. Again employing the Near & Far Spread, and the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Cards, Expanded Edition, I laid out the cards for Fox News, and the result was this:

FoxNewsNear&FarLookPage1Since the subject of this reading is Fox News, I chose the Fox card for their significator. Though the fox is considered symbolic of trickery and deceit, in the LeNormand Fortune deck, the fox also represents one’s job. The first two cards, the ones which sit directly on top of Fox News’ significator, are the Tower card and the Mountain card. The Tower card in the LeNormand deck represents institutions of every variety, also government. The Mountain represents challenges, obstacles, conflicts. It can also represent foreign matters. So this pair of cards can be read a couple of ways. Either a government, foreign or domestic, is very much on their minds, or they are feeling a sense of conflict, challenge, or obstruction from certain institutions in U.S. society. Both of these can also be true.

The Letter & the Ship. It appears that some missive Fox News receives around now is going to be sending one of their employees on a trip abroad. The fact that the pair of cards flanking the Letter and the Ship are the Mask and the Older Woman, tells me said missive was probably sent to them by a woman of mature years, and her stated reason for calling Fox News’ attention to the matter contained in the letter is not her real reason for doing so. She has an ulterior motive here.

The Cross & the Mice. This is the pair of cards which Fox News is symbolically ‘sitting’ on–their foundation, if you will. The Cross card is suffering. The Mice card is a card of gradual loss; being slowly undermined by someone(s) nibbling away at your resources. No matter how brave a face they present to the world, Fox News is feeling the effects of their losses over the past two years. That sense of being slowly-nibbled-away-at may well be an on-going sensation for them. It will not likely get better, because the next two cards are the first of the ‘far’ cards, and those two cards are:

The Book & the Owls. The Book card in the LeNormand deck represents ‘the as-yet unrevealed future.’ The Owls, in the Gilded Reverie LeNormand expanded edition deck, are the second of two ‘Bird’ cards. The first ‘Bird’ card  in this deck features the more cheerful Baltimore Oriole. They are more light-hearted in nature, and represent communication, chatter, even Twitter. The Owls, the second ‘Bird’ card in this deck, have a more ominous connotation; they are a bad-news bird. In some Native American tribes, the Owl is regarded as a harbinger of death. Thus, there is either a secret about or being kept from Fox News which, when the secret is exposed, will be bad news indeed for the organization.

The Mask and the Older Woman cards I have already discussed in this reading, but it is possible the nasty secret about Fox News and this woman are connected. Whoever the woman is, she is pretending to be something she is not and someone is being fooled.

The Younger Woman & the Rider. It appears the Younger Woman, possibly one of their ‘face’ people on one of their news programs, will be sent with a message to someone–but who will be the recipient? The fact that the Mice card falls between these two cards tells me Fox News may be trying to do some subtle undermining of its own with this message. Seeking more information about this Young Woman’s message, I took a look at the remaining six cards in the middle pile, from which I drew the above-reading. I like to look at all the cards in the pile, because the unused cards often contain valuable information about the matter. I don’t think these cards are talking about the Young Woman’s message. They appear to be saying something important about Fox News:

FoxNewsNear&FarLookPage2The Bear card can represent something big and important. The Bear card can also mean legal or financial matters, a protective influence, or Russia. The Maze card (also known as the Labyrinth card) represents a matter more involved and complex than it may have first appeared; there can be dead-ends, winding paths that take one far out of one’s way, and no clear path forward, and you can’t see  who or what you’re going to run into next. The Flowers card represents a gift or reward. The Whip card represents punishment and cruelty. It can also represent the kinkier/darker forms of sex. The Older Man card is self-explanatory and the Coffin card represents illness and stagnation; in some circumstances, death. So let me see if I can string these six cards into a narrative which makes sense. I see two possible meanings here:

If the Bear is in it’s traditional meaning in this reading, then Fox News has been protected up until now, but they are involved in larger events which are proving more complex and tricky to navigate than they have heretofore had to deal with. They may be having financial difficulty they haven’t had to deal with before (financial settlements to the sexually-harassed). The Flowers and the Whip are reward and punishment. They’ve been receiving both from their loyal fans and their equally-devoted enemies. The Older Man and the Coffin could be a deceased older male, possibly their original CEO Roger Ailes, who continues to be in their thoughts and whose policies their strive to continue. Awww…that is sweet.

Now for the nastier possible meaning I can see here. If this card represents the newer meaning of ‘Russia’, then Russia may be more involved with Fox News’ operations than is evident, known, or suspected. I speculate it is possible Russian Intelligence Services have ‘compromat’ on one or more individuals at Fox News, or possibly even spies. If Fox News’ coverage of current events concurs with Russia’s aims, they will be rewarded. If Fox News’ coverage fails to serve Russia’s interests, they will be punished. The Older Man and the Coffin, you may recall from an earlier reading I did, both featured in a reading for Vladimir Putin. It is worth noting that certain Russians whose activities have been of a nature which might reasonably displease Vladimir Putin, have died under various circumstances in countries around the world, including in the U.S., over the past few years. So in that sense, Vladimir Putin could be ‘Coffin Man’ indeed. If Russian Intelligence Services have any kind of hold over anyone at Fox News, then the person at the end of that dog’s leash is ultimately Vladimir Putin, as he is the head of the Russian government. This second interpretation of the final six cards just might be the ‘ominous secret’ which the Book and the Owls were hinting at. 

Time will tell. In my next blog entry, I  will discuss a case which the Supreme Court of the United States has heard this term. At the end of the month, I intend to do a first-quarter ‘hit-or-miss’ retrospective on my predictions thus far for this year.