I’ve come to learn the value of ‘layering’ in divination.  ‘Layering’ is a fashion concept, but it works in divination too. There are many different varieties of divination tools and methods, and they all have their own approach to the world, their own spirit, their own flavor. So using more than one divination tool or method on the same subject can give you a fuller, more rounded answer to the question you’re asking. 

I’ve also learned sometimes when you’re using symbol systems in card form, like the Tarot, LeNormand or the standard playing card deck, it’s best to dispense with the tried-and-true traditional layout patterns and go with the ‘Post-it Note'(tm) approach. That is, write all the key questions you have about the matter you’re inquiring about on Post-It Notes(tm), stick them down on the table, shuffle the cards, lay ’em out, then read.

I did both for this reading. Using the Robin Wood Tarot deck and the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Fortune Deck, Expanded Edition, I stuck Post-It Notes on the coffee table, shuffled, cut, and laid out the Tarot, then shuffled, cut and laid out the LeNormand cards with each Tarot card. The Tarot cards in each set of six are the top cards, the LeNormand cards are the bottom cards. The results were pleasingly enlightening:

RobertMullerInvestigationI start with the center cards under, “Where is Robert Mueller’s Investigation now?” A sleazy, narcissistic, manipulative older man(The King of Cups, Reversed from the Tarot deck and the Older Man card from the LeNormand deck) who intemperately tweets his every thought (Temperance, Reversed from the Tarot Deck and The Birds, card 12a, from the LeNormand Deck) continues to be at the heart of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The Five of Cups, reversed and the House card from the LeNormand deck tell me Mueller has been privately grieved at what this person has done to the country and what he has cost the United States, but the grieving is easing up, he’s starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and things are starting to look a little hopeful. Robert Mueller III does believe we can pull out of this, in spite of the damage.

I went next to the cards under the heading, “What has he found so far?” The Three of Cups over the Child card tells me Mueller has discovered a childlike sense of celebration in Trump and the people around him. They honestly think–or thought–they’ve Gotten Away With It. The Eight of Cups, reversed, over the Cross card tells me Mueller knows Trump and his family are having trouble walking away from everything they have, even though they know they’ll be in for a lot of pain if they stay and the investigation goes badly for them. The Ace of Cups, reversed, over the Clover card tells me Mueller has discovered unhappy relationships can be a goldmine of information. When the book on this scandal is written, we will learn at least one spouse of a key player, possibly more, cooperated with Mueller’s investigators.

I then went to “What is he working on at present?” As I mention in last week’s blog post, the Knight of Wands, reversed, is an abrasive, unpleasant person who enjoys being abrasive and unpleasant. The Older Woman card means in this case, the Knight of Wands is likely a woman over thirty. My guess is this means KellyAnne Conway is getting a closer look from Mueller’s team. They’re trying to determine how much she knew about Trump’s involvement with Russia, and when she knew it. The Seven of Swords, reversed, over the Scythe card tells me Mueller and his team are right now concerned with cutting off the theft of information, and forcing the thief to give back the stolen goods. Or at least, leave enough evidence with which to hang him. The Two of Cups, reversed, over the Moon card tells me Mueller is trying to bring to light and expose to the public, all the parts of a bad relationship, with the intention of bringing that bad relationship (Trump’s relationship with Putin) to an end.

Next up, “What is his next move?” Well, look who’s here! Our friend from last week, the Page of Swords, reversed. As I mentioned, the Page of Swords, reversed, is a nasty piece of work. A cunning, malicious person who’s very good at digging up dirt (by means legal or otherwise) and making sure the right people see it, a talented rumor-monger, scandal-monger, and all around no-good-nick, my first reaction is this sounds like Roger Stone, but it could also be Steve Bannon, the people at Brietbart, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks, various and sundry right-wing-media types, to name a few. People who helped Donald Trump behind the scenes to win the U.S. presidency, his ‘loyal scum.’ In the LeNormand deck, the Dog card traditionally means ‘loyalty’ but with the LeNormand deck, all associations with each symbol must be taken into consideration. Thus, I think this means that in the near future, Mueller and his team are going to be focusing their attention on some of the dirty operators in the 2016 presidential election. The ‘loyal scum’ will probably go on the attack, predictably enough, but have you ever played tug-of-war with a dog? Tried to take a bone or a chewy-rawide-‘bone’ from them? They are defensive, aggressive, snarling, and above all persistent. That dog is not going to let you win. So no matter how much the ‘loyal scum’ of Donald Trump fight back, and no matter how dirty, Mueller and his team are not going to let them win. 

The Lovers, reversed, from the Tarot deck and the Snake card from the LeNormand deck is an Adam-and-Eve-in-the-Garden-of-Eden scenario. The Lovers card in the Tarot traditionally means ‘a choice is offered.’ Reversed, it traditionally means ‘a bad choice has been made.’ Which may well be the case, but I think this pairing means that Mueller is going to play the role of the Snake, offering one partner in a relationship an incentive to cooperate with the investigation and secretly turn on their partner, who is in Big Trouble. Of course, the partner who is offered the deal may realize their partner made a bad choice, and that their only available option to save themselves is to cooperate with Mueller. The pairing of the World card from the Tarot deck and the Time card from the LeNormand tells me soon Mueller and his team are going to be putting together a timeline of who-did-what-where-and-when, in preparation for presenting it to the public. The World card is the last card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. It’s a card of success, victory, accomplishment, and bringing things to a conclusion. It looks like Mueller and his team are soon going to be getting into tying-up lose-ends, nailing the all the various players in the whole criminal operation, and getting their case in chronological order for presenting to the public. 

Then, sadly, we come to “What effect will the results of this investigation have on the U.S.A.?” The Wheel of Fortune, reversed, clearly says the effect on the populace will be devastating. Ill-fortune is most certainly ours. The key thing to keep in mind is the Wheel of Fortune keeps on turning; no part of the Wheel stays on the bottom forever. The Well card from the LeNormand deck says many people will be wishing things were different. Some will be drawing on their inner resources to cope with the sheer scope of the crime. Others will be dreaming of solutions to avoid this trouble in the future. Still others may resort to escapism of some variety. The next two cards in the reading contain a powerful message, lesson, and answer to the Wheel of Fortune and the Well cards. The Two of Pentacles and the Anchor, together, are saying ‘the only true stability and security to be had in this world comes from a willingness and an ability to be flexible, roll with the punches, and be responsive to change.’

The Final two cards, the Star, reversed, from the Tarot deck, and the Tower card from the LeNormand deck, say the people of the U.S. are going to be feeling pessimistic about their government, which comes as no surprise. The Star card in the Tarot deck brings with it a mild chastisement, though. The Star reversed suggests the U.S. will be feeling overly-pessimistic about it’s prospects and that the people need to have more hope and faith. Chances are, things won’t be as bad in the long-term as they will look at first sight. It also suggests there are people around ready and willing to help the subject (in this case, maybe other countries), but the subject will have difficulty accepting the help that is offered. Possibly, shame and embarrassment prevents the people from accepting help.

In closing, I want to mention there was just one card left over from the pile of LeNormand fortune cards I used for this reading. The card in question? The Ship. I’m going to predict at least one indictable person who was in danger of being caught up in Mueller’s net, successfully flees the country.