This reading was a classic example of why sometimes, the usual layouts one uses for the cards just don’t give enough information, so one has to do a second reading, possibly improvised on the spur-of-the-moment, to tell you more. Below is the first reading I did for the Democratic Party of the United States, using the same Near & Far Method of the past few readings I’ve done:

DemocraticPartyReadingNumberOneThe Time, Older Man, Magnifying Glass, and Letter cards all seem to suggest that right now, Robert Mueller III’s investigation into the 2016 campaign and Russia’s involvement in it is uppermost in the Democrat’s minds. I chose the Older Woman card to represent the Democrats in this reading because they are seen as the ‘Mommy’ party to the Republicans’ ‘Daddy’ party. It’s significant that the Significator is looking directly at the Mountain and the Storks cards–foreign movements are definitely in their line of sight and of concern to them right now. The Owls and the Bridge cards behind the Older Woman suggest that the connections the Mueller investigation is finding between the various parties involved is troubling to them. 

The Rider and the Home cards directly below the Significator (the Older Woman) suggest that the Democrats are awaiting the arrival of a message of domestic concern–the outcome of the Mueller investigation, I surmise. The Fox, the Home and the Cross cards as the bottom row say that deception and trickery perpetrated here in the U.S. has definitely brought the Democrats suffering. 

The very bottom row of cards were the cards left over in the middle pile. I always like to look at those, because they sometimes project beyond the reading, or add more dimension to it. The Ring, the Moon, the Tower, and the Scythe cards, if I had to sum them up in a sentence (and that can be a helpful approach to reading any cards–if you could sum them up in a sentence, what would it be?), would translate as: ‘A proposal(Ring) for honorable(Moon) government(Tower) was abruptly and brutally ended(Scythe).’

So this first reading didn’t tell me anything that wasn’t already known about the Democrats’ situation: that Robert Mueller III’s investigation was of paramount importance to the Democrats, that they are disturbed by foreign involvement in domestic politics, that trickery from same has cost them, and that the same trickery has cost them control of the government. But where does the Democratic Party go from here? That remained to be seen. So I did a second reading with a very basic format:


I did this second reading with the question in mind, ‘Where are the Democrats going from here?’ This layout is my own improvised expansion on the nine cards spread. 

The Well, the Moon and the Snake. The Well is wishes, dreams, also drawing on one’s inner resources, and bringing things up to the light of day to be looked at. The Moon is honor, fame, public reputation. The Snake, like the Fox, is deceit and treachery. The Democrat’s wish is to be seen as an honorable political party, but the deceit and treachery they must deal with make that difficult.

The Older Woman, the Anchor and the Fish. Not surprisingly, the Democrats simply want long-term economic stability, both for themselves as a political party and for the country as a whole.

The Owls, the Heart and The Younger Man. This can literally be seen as troubled,  serious, or worried communications regarding the party’s affection for a younger man. Perhaps someone they’d like to see run for higher office?

The Mountain, the Crossroads and the Clouds. In the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Expanded Edition deck which I am using for these readings, the Crossroads card is depicted as a staircase which splits off into two staircases, one leading to light and the other leading to dark. The Clouds card in most LeNormand decks always have dark clouds on the left side of the card and bright clouds on the right. It is significant in this reading that the dark side of the staircase and the dark side of the Clouds card are right next to each other. Since the Mountain very often represents foreign matters, I would say these cards are saying that in the Democrats’ eyes, the extent of the Russian Intelligence Services’ interference in out domestic political life, when it is fully revealed by Mueller’s investigation, will leave them (and perhaps the U.S.) with only bad options from which to choose. But the final row of four cards is a curious alignment, and possibly hopeful.

The Flowers, the Compass, the Scythe, and the Sun. The Flowers are a card of gift, reward, kudos. In spite of the danger which the Russian involvement in the U.S.A.s’ political process has been, the Democrats will be receiving a gift in the future (the Flowers), which will bring about a change of direction (the Compass) for the party (and hopefully for the U.S.). I am going to hazard a prediction this means the Democrats will do very well in the November 2018 election.  The appearance of the next two cards, the Scythe card before the Sun card, is curious. Something will be suddenly ‘cut off’, brought to a very abrupt end, leaving the way to success and victory (the Sun Card) for the Democratic Party in the U.S.