Things have been interesting (to say the least) for the Republican Party in the United States these past two years, what with Donald Trump running for office as a Republican and becoming President. Given everything which has happened in the past year and a half, and watching their progress through time with interest, particularly ever since Ronald Reagan became president, they seem to have come to a crucial point in the party’s existence. So I asked the question of the LeNormand Fortune Cards, “Give me an overview of the Republican Party’s present and future”, and the result was this:


Again, I used the Near & Far Spread, as it gives a quick overview of the subject. I chose the Older Man card from the Gilded Reverie LeNormand Expanded Edition deck to represent the Republican Party, as the Republican Party has long been considered by some to be the ‘old white mens’ party’. Suitably enough, the Older Man card looks off to the right, which is appropriate for a political party with a political philosophy which looks rightward. I shuffled, using the chaos method where I smear the cards (face-down) around on the table top with both hands. Carefully gathering them together in a pile, I cut them in three piles to the left with my left (less dominant) hand, picked up the center pile, which in my opinion contains the truest answers, then laid them out. Here’s what they told me:

The Clover and the Fox. The Republican party has been rather fortunate the past couple of decades, but the presence of the Fox tells me that good fortune has been based on cunning, cleverness and perhaps a bit of deviousness.

The Birds and the Ring. There is much talk within the party related to a commitment they have made, a partnership they have entered into. The Labyrinth/Maze card to the right of the Ring card suggests that whatever partnership the Republicans have entered into, it is more involved, complex and perhaps frustrating and entrapping than they had hoped. These two cards (the Ring and the Labyrinth) are in the significator’s line-of-sight, so this relationship is a major concern of the Republican party at the moment. Some people can panic in a maze, especially if the hedges are over their heads, so this ‘partnership’ may have some Republicans panicked about where it will eventually lead.

The Dice and the Storks. The Republicans have been taking chances which have appeared to have worked in their favor. The Dice card is gambling, risks; the Storks are movement, promotion. Risky moves are the name of the game for them these days, but so far, they’ve paid off.

The Moon and the Dog. The Moon card bespeaks a desire for fame and honor; the Dog Card represents loyalty and friendship. A little further off in the future, Republicans are going to want to be seen as an honorable, loyal party.

Time and the Labyrinth. Time has taken the Republican Party through many twists and turns and will continue to do so…

The Sun and the Magnifying Glass. In the future, the Republican Party’s success will be studied by historians and political scientists.

There were, however, six cards remaining in the center pile which were not laid out in the spread. I like to look at these cards as well, for I’ve found they will tell you more about the longer-term future of whomever or whatever you’re reading for. And this is what I saw for the Republican Party of the United States:

Lilies. In the LeNormand deck, the Lily card is associated with one’s career, elders, wisdom, experience, hard-won knowledge, and life transitions such as graduation, marriage, becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent, retirement–even death. The Republican party is definitely heading for such a transition in its existence.

Well. The Well card is a card of wishes, dreams, looking deeper at an issue, and drawing on inner resources. Republicans are going to ask themselves, ‘what kind of party do we want to be? What does our ideal political party look like?’ There will be some real deep soul-searching going on among Republicans (and maybe, former Republicans) in the future.

The Anchor and the Cross. These were the next two cards in the pile and I am reading them together for a reason. There are certain pairs of cards in the LeNormand Fortune deck which always have a set meaning when they appear together. For example, the Coffin and the Scythe, either next to each other or in close proximity, always mean death. The Anchor is a card of security and a solid foundation; it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The Cross is the card of pain, suffering and sorrow.  Together, they mean long-term suffering, possibly permanent. Therefore, with these two cards next to each other in the reading, I can say the Republican Party of the United States is in for a great deal of long-term pain in the not too-distant future. The Clover and the Fox above their significator, and the Dice and the Storks below their significator, suggest their success in the past few decades has come about as the result of some dicey, possibly ethically- or legally-questionable maneuvers. The Anchor and the Cross are clearly saying that they are soon going to pay dearly for such corner-cutting. Long-term suffering and sorrow will be their lot.

The Young Woman and the Garden. The Young Woman card is self-explanatory. The Garden card, also known as the Park card, rules all public places and one’s place of work. Therefore, a young woman in public life is a politician. Whatever the Republican Party of the United States changes into after the current mess is settled, a young woman politician will be the one who leads them out of the desert and into a new promised land of possibilities.

Since turnabout is fair play, next week I will take a look at the Democratic Party.