I originally found this divinatory chart in The Cunning Man’s Handbook a few years ago. I recall posting it in another lesson, but I took another look at it recently, since New Year’s Eve is coming up rapidly. I realized I mis-translated a little of it, so I did a re-vamp. Plus, since I always encourage readers of this blog to test things out for themselves, I added a handy checklist at the end of the PDF. I created this checklist in the hope it will better-help you judge for yourself whether or not the year transpired the way the prediction for the day of the week on which the year began indicated it would. When you have a seven-year accumulation of start days, you can then look at the sheet and judge whether this ‘Erna Pater, a Doctour in Astronomye and Physyke’ knew what he was talking about, or was simply as wrong as the spelling 500 years ago.

That having been said, this chart, like the Thunder Calendar of Tages the Etruscan, is heavily-weighted in favor of agricultural concerns. Certainly, farmers and gardeners might find such a heads-up helpful. But unless you are the household member who does the weekly grocery shopping the most, you may not be likely to notice the variations in food prices, and at least half of the predictions relate to what the growing-season that year is going to be like. Answering some of the checklist items with a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ might call for some research on your part first, a thorough check of the news for that year.

Now briefly as to my numerological take on the new year, 2023. Universally, it reduces to a 7 year, so it will be a time for study, thought, meditation, attention to spiritual pursuits, maybe a little detective work, and perhaps more solitary activities than some people might like. It’ll be a good year for going back to school for more education. Twenty is the number of judgement and twenty-three is the number of transformation, so important changes born of considerable thought may be on-tap for this year. Both governments and individuals worldwide may be taking a good hard look at what works in their lives and what doesn’t and making changes accordingly. However it turns out, a Happy New Year to all!