This is another chart which is much along the same lines as The Coiled Serpent or the Mystic Tablet of the Gypsies. You place the chart in front of you, give it a spin while saying a few lines, then point to a random number or letter on the chart, which you then take to the answer key page for your fortune. As we are coming up on the Feast of Beltane, more popularly known as May Day, when the fancies of the young and young at heart turn lightly to thoughts of love, this seems to be a good time to roll it out.

The author of the book from which I obtained this chart (see bibliography at the end of this lesson) says this chart is considered one of the best gypsy methods for answers pertaining to love or marriage. I don’t know the age of this chart, but it is probably around the same age as the other two charts I just mentioned, and like those, it was originally devised by gypsies for fortune telling. The Magic Heart is divided into five sections, and each section addresses a different question. Which gets tricky if you want an answer to one specific question, you give the chart a spin, and your pointer lands in another section altogether. I don’t know that the specifically-themed questions exist for the inquirer’s choice, so much as identifying the nature of the answer you receive.