Eager to bring you some new and different divination method or tool, I’ve grown this site haphazardly, with no thought or immediate concern for establishing any sort of order to it. The problem this created was brought home to me recently by a new reader of this site, who wanted to take the lessons in order and wanted to know how to do that. It was then I realized what a disorganized mess I’d created. For a retired librarian, this realization was mortifying. We’re all about order. I apologize for this oversight.

So righting what I see as a great wrong, I’m going to list here what I consider the proper order in which to take these lessons, if you want to do these lessons as an actual divination curriculum. Proceeding on the principle that you must learn how to crawl before you can walk, and you must learn how to walk before you can run, I have tried, in each category, to establish a sensible progression of lessons from simplest to the increasingly-complex. My intention is that, by this progression, your intuitive and psychic abilities will be strengthened bit-by-bit. This can aid you in divining, since many divination methods rely on the diviner’s own intuition in correctly interpreting the message.

Please keep in mind, this Master List of the Order of Lessons is a work-in-progress. I may tinker with the order a bit, suddenly add lessons I hadn’t originally planned-on doing, and some lessons may even get moved to an altogether different category. Some of these lessons I haven’t gotten-to yet, so I must beg your patience. Italics indicate those lessons I haven’t yet created.