From lower-left, counter-clockwise: Icosahedron of Plans, Icosahedron of Emotions, Icosahedron of Identity, and Icosahedron of Action

Continuing my theme of using polyhedrons as divination tools, I present here what I call the Icosahedrons of Insight. They’re intended to be used in conjunction with each other, and they’re designed to provide you with insight into another person’s thoughts or feelings, how they’re planning to act on those feelings, and who they may be planning for—or against. This can be a helpful tool if someone has you stumped. The link to the PDF appears below:

The Icosahedron of Insight-Emotions is intended for use anytime you’re wondering, what is eating that person? The Icosahedron of Insight-Plans is intended to answer the follow-up question, well, what are they planning to do about it? The Icosahedron of Insight-Identity is intended to help you answer the question, who has caused them to feel this way? The Icosahedron of Insight-Action is intended for use by anyone who wants to answer the question, is there anything I can do to help? As you can see from the picture above, I printed mine out on different-colored card-stock, so I can tell them apart at a glance. As usual, I recommend spraying them with a couple coats of sealer, so the ink doesn’t smear.


The Icosahedrons of Insight are perhaps the nosiest divination tool I’ve devised. Because you are inquiring about the inner-most thoughts and feelings of another, make sure you’re coming from a well-intentioned perspective before you use it. It might be a good idea to consult the pendulum or the yes-and-no stones before you use them, asking a question like, ‘I want to ask about (fill in the blank), because I’m a little concerned about them. Can I? May I? Am I ready to know the answer?’ This is an important step, because God, Goddess, Spirit, Universe, Ancestors, or their Spirit Guides may be of the opinion that this isn’t anything you need to know right now (in other words, MYOB). But sometimes, it’s something you do need to know, or it would be very helpful for you to know, and for those times, I’ve devised this tool. With regular use, it may help strengthen your intuitive muscle about others and how they’re likely to react to situations. Indeed, if your own feelings are a mystery to you, you can even use these on yourself.