Abbreviated or full-length, the Book of Fate’s succinct, no-nonsense, no-flattery, straightforward answers have guided and inspired generations of people since it first was was introduced to the public in the first-half of the eighteenth century. May it guide you with similar accuracy!


  1. Ask question number 15 every day for a solid week or two, noting the answer you receive for each day of that one-to-two-week period. Revisit the answer you received for each day at the end of the day, or early the next day. Did the answer you received for that day make sense? Was it any degree of accurate?
  2. Ask yourself question number 1, 2, or 3. If the oracle gives you a thumbs-down sort of answer, defy it anyway and try. Did you succeed, in spite of the Book of Fate’s negative answer, or was it correct, that you shouldn’t have expected a good result in the first place?
  3. Think of someone in your environment you have trouble trusting, then ask question number 7. What answer did you receive? Note it, then re-visit the answer a long time later, like hours, day, weeks,  months, or years. Was the answer you received about this person correct or wrong? 
  4. This exercise is only for risk-takers: Choose a question from the list; one of the more transitory questions, like number 1, 2, 6, or 15. Then ask the question you chose on one of the days you are instructed not to consult this oracle. What answer did you receive? Ask the same question on one of the all-clear days. What answer did you receive? Was there a difference between the two? Was one response more negative than the other? Did any misfortune happen on one of the forbidden days you consulted the oracle? In your opinion, is this taboo of ‘forbidden days to consult the oracle’ warranted, or not? 
  5. This exercise is very long-term. Ask question number 11, then question number 10, then question number 12. Note the answers you receive, then re-visit them years later. Were they on target, or did they miss by a country-mile?