Micromancy is divination by small objects. The small objects can be anything of your choosing—knick-knacks or gew-gaws you have on hand, coins, seeds, stones, pebbles, tokens, jewelry items, etc.—but ideally, your set of small objects should be kept in their own bowl, jar, or box and used only for divination. For my set of micromancy objects, I went to a local craft store which stocked jewelry supplies and I purchased a number of pendants to serve as my micromancy set. One caution: going this route can be expensive. Though expensive, the advantage of buying a set of objects brand-new is they don’t have anyone’s past energies on them.

When purchasing or acquiring your micromancy fetishes, consider first what meaning each object represents for you, and strive to have a wide variety of symbols with a wide variety of associations with them. Try to have the objects be of fairly-similar size; you don’t want out-sized objects which are more easily grabbed, getting all the attention. The objects you choose for your micromancy set are going to be highly individual and that is as it should be. You may even assign a meaning to an object that for someone else, would have a significantly different meaning. This is a very free-form and open-ended divination method; it will require a reader of some confidence and ability to interpret and synthesize the various symbols’ meanings into a coherent picture.