Lexigram divination, or lexigramancy, is a divination method promulgated by the late astrologer, Linda Goodman in her book Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. Lexigramancy is divination by lexigramming a word, a proper name, a title, or a phrase, then using the resultant words to devise new phrases or sentences. Lexigrams are words that can be made up by rearranging the letters used in other words, names, titles or phrases to spell other words. This is one of those divination methods that doubles as a fun and enlightening party game. It’s also spiritually safe, as it isn’t one of those divination methods you’re best off invoking the aid and protection of any Unseen Powers. All you need for this divination method is paper, something to write with, and the following rules of lexigramming, which Goodman held to be true: