Divination Lessons

Teaching divination one method at a time.

Introduction to Divination

Simpleomancy5pictureDivination has been a hobby of mine for many years. I enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but the way Professor Trelawney taught a divination class exasperated me. If I was going to teach a divination class, would I start the class with tea-leaf reading? Or tell people if they didn’t possess the ‘Sight’ there is very little I would be able to teach them? For that matter, how would I set up the curriculum for such a class? That question led me to create this website.

First off, you don’t need any special psychic ability to divine. Yes, there are a few divination methods where you really do have to have psychic ability, but the vast majority of divination methods or tools don’t require it. All it takes is the right tool, some basic instructions, a willingness to practice, and an open, sincere mind. An open mind is important in divination, because if you honestly think it’s all nonsense, it won’t work for you. If you don’t take divination seriously, it won’t take you seriously. Sorry, but that’s the way it works.

So why practice divination in the first place? I’ve written a whole long essay in answer to that question, and maybe someday I’ll post it on this site, but I’ll abbreviate it here. Divination can help you make decisions, give you greater perspective on your problems, fill in the missing pieces of the picture, help you understand and get along better with a baffling or difficult person, keep you from making a serious life mistake, help you cope better with change, aid your personal growth, answer your nosy questions about people, help you communicate with the dead, develop and strengthen your intuitive muscle, and sustain you through the more difficult periods of your life. A few of them can also double as fun party games!  

It seemed to me the most sensible way to cover the subject was to start with the simplest, hard-and-fast methods, then progress to the more complex, more subjective methods. It also occurred to me most divination methods can be broken down into several categories, which I call, in order: Simpleomancy, Chartomancy, Symbolomancy, Artomancy and Psychomancy. You may go through all five categories, then decide the only divination methods you’ll ever need in your life are the first three! That’s fine. I intend to show you the impressive variety of divination methods people have developed over time–and a few of my own.

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